When should I take Sleep Upgrade?

  • Take Sleep Upgrade 30 minutes before your desired bedtime. 

Is it safe to take every day? 

  • Yes, Sleep Upgrade is formulated with 100% organic vitamins and minerals that your body needs to enter sleep state more effectively. Just like with any other dietary supplement, you will see continuous results when taken daily. 

How is this different than melatonin or prescription sleeping pills?

  • Most commercial products are offered at dosages that cause melatonin levels in the blood to rise to much higher levels than are naturally produced in the body. This may affect your natural production of melatonin and leave you feeling groggy. Sleep Upgrade contains a highly bioavailable form of B5 vitamins which helps your body produce melatonin naturally.
  • Sleep Upgrade does not contain any sedatives and does not have hypnotic effects. Sleep Upgrade is formulated with 100% organic vitamins and minerals that your body needs to enter sleep state more effectively.

Is Sleep Upgrade a dietary supplement? Are all the ingredients actually safe?

  • Since Sleep Upgrade doesn't contain any drugs and is formulated with all-natural ingredients, it is classified as a dietary supplement. Sleep Upgrade is made in the U.S.A. with the best ingredients we could find. Our formula contains only certified organic ingredients.

Will I be able to wake up if I need to get up early the next day, for example, after 4 or 6 hours of sleep?

  • Yes. Sleep Upgrade does not contain sedatives. You will still be able to wake up, you just might experience tiredness like you normally would from not getting enough sleep.

Can I take Sleep Upgrade if I wake up in the middle of the night and can't sleep? 

  • Sleep Upgrade is safe to take if you wake up in the middle of the night and have trouble going back to sleep. Although Sleep Upgrade does not contain drugs, you may feel relaxed and have an increased desire to stay asleep if you take it within a couple hours of your when you plan on waking up.

What happens if I take Sleep Upgrade during the day?

  • We recommend that you take Sleep Upgrade 30 minutes before you go to bed. If you wish to sleep during the day or get to bed earlier, Sleep Upgrade will help your body prepare for restful sleep.

Can Sleep Upgrade help with muscle recovery?

I travel and often have to deal with jet leg, can Sleep Upgrade help with jet lag? 

  • Dealing with crazy jet lag is actually one of the reasons why Sleep Upgrade was created. Sleep Upgrade's ingredients will help you relax, calm an active mind, and stimulate healthy melatonin production so that your body can better deal with the disruption of your Circadian rhythm caused by jetsetting. Pro-tip: Stay up as late as you can, and take Sleep Upgrade 30 mins before bed to help your body adjust faster. 

Can women take Sleep Upgrade? Or is it specifically made for men?

  • Sleep Upgrade is not only for men. It was made to help anyone that wants to optimize and improve the quality of their sleep. In fact, Sleep Upgrade's ingredients such as magnesium and 5-HTP have been clinically proven to help women manage PMS symptoms and relief menstrual cramps. 

What does the 30-Day Empty Bottle Guarantee mean?

  • This means you can try our product for an entire month, and if you are not satisfied in any way, simply email us at hello@mrsleep.com and return the empty bottle to us after 30 days and we'll give you a full refund, no questions asked

Can I take Sleep Upgrade if I take SSRIs or antidepressants?

  • No. Our formula contains 5-HTP, a natural amino acid that encourages the natural production of serotonin. If you are taking any medication to control serotonin production (antidepressants), it is not advised to take 5-HTP. You should always consult your physician before adding any dietary supplements to your routine