Causes of Snoring

by Bryan Dewhurst on February 04, 2020

Even though there are a few possible factors that can lead to snoring, there are several main causes that are commonly believed to be the root cause of this night-time problem. One of the main causes of snoring is weight problems, which can also be linked to other health problems. Therefore, many physicians advise a balanced program which involves both a food plan and an exercise routine to not just prevent snoring, but also enhance your overall health.

When it comes to sleeping positions, most people look for comfort. While it is a very important part of getting a quality night’s sleep, those who suffer from snoring oftentimes need to look for much more than just comfort. Sleeping on your side can be one way of controlling your snoring problem. If you sleep on your back, the tissue in the back of the throat usually relaxes and oftentimes restricts the airway. If this occurs, snoring can be the result. That is why sleeping on your side is a possible remedy.

As the years go by and we start to age, snoring is usually not far behind. In fact, one of the leading factors that cause snoring is age. Some researchers believe that the skin in a person’s throat begins to lose elasticity as it ages. As this happens, there is a better likelihood that the skin will relax during sleep and cause a restriction in the airway.

One of the most serious causes of snoring is a disorder known as sleep apnea. If left untreated, this ailment may lead to more serious medical conditions, such as heart problems, a stroke or other illness.

The signs of sleep apnea include excessive and loud snoring, pauses between breaths during sleep, awakening during the night with a choking feeling or difficulty breathing, etc. someone who suffers from sleep apnea may notice one or all of the previously mentioned symptoms because, with this illness, the airway becomes completely blocked and may actually cause the sufferer to stop breathing on one or more occasions throughout the night.

The simplest way to properly diagnose sleep apnea is with the help of a doctor and, pretty often, a nap study. Usually ordered by a physician, a sleep study is designed to diagnose exact causes of snoring in an individual. During this test, the sufferer spends one night at a sleep center, where they are regularly monitored to detect any abnormal breathing or snoring patterns. The results are then given to the physician, who will make the final diagnosis and recommendations on the best course of treatment.

This article is intended as information only. It should not be used as, in place of or in conjunction with professional medical advice related to snoring. Before starting any treatment for snoring, you must consult with a doctor for a proper diagnosis and recommendation for treatments.


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