Beauty Sleep: Is It Real or Made Up?

by Bryan Dewhurst on March 18, 2020

Most of us don't make the connection between sleep and looking good and feeling great. But when you snooze, your body resets; it heals, restores, and eliminates toxins. So when you’re up all night tossing & turning your energy levels, mood and skin are one of the first things to take a hit. 

It turns out quality sleep really does have the power to transform your appearance.

Let’s explore the many ways beauty sleep improves your looks — and what happens to your appearance when you don’t get it.


How Beauty Sleep Makes You More Attractive

Your brain isn't the only thing that repairs itself when you’re asleep — your body also goes through a restorative phase. Here are just a few of the things your body does to revamp your appearance while you sleep:


1. Your Body’s Cells Repair Themselves

When you enter deep sleep, your body starts to secrete growth hormones that help maintain and rebuild worn-out muscle tissue and bone. 

When that happens, your body's tissues go into overdrive and generate more cells while slowing down protein synthesis, which helps your body promote healthy cell growth. It also helps to repair damage to your existing cells from things like stress and ultraviolet rays. 

The results of this process are the main reason deep sleep is accurately dubbed “beauty sleep.”

2. Your Skin Gets Clearer and More Radiant

While you sleep, your body discards the aging skin cells that make your complexion darker, clog your pores and give your face a saggy appearance. 

Beauty sleep allows your body to create new skin cells, giving you a fresher, more radiant appearance. Quality sleep also improves your circulation, which reduces wrinkles on your neck and face.

3. Your Hair and Nails Get Stronger

Another huge benefit of quality sleep is that you'll have healthier nails and hair. 

Over time, as your body repairs damaged cells and create more collagen night after night, you’ll notice there’s a healthier shine to your hair. And you’ll notice it’s stronger. The same goes for your nails — they’re less prone to cracking and brittleness when you get your beauty sleep.


4. You’re Less Prone to Dark Circles

Quality sleep makes your eyes look fresher and brighter. 

That’s because sleep deprivation or poor-quality sleep causes blood to pool beneath your eyes, giving them a puffy and dark appearance. When this happens, your eyes also look red and bloodshot (this phenomenon is what gives the term ‘red-eye flight’ its name).


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