9 Proven Ways To Improve Your Sleep Quality

by Bryan Dewhurst on February 04, 2020
Learn how you can train your body to sleep faster and deeper every night.

Sleep—whether you overdo it or are deprived of it, one thing is for sure: it is a quintessential part of survival. We can probably do all-nighters every now and then when needed; but our bodies, especially our brains, just like anything in this world, can only take so much before shutting down.


If you’re interested in falling into a deep sleep, here are 9 proven ways to improve your sleep quality:

1. Get as much natural light as possible during the day, especially in the morning.

2. Try to keep your bedroom dark, quiet, and cool. 67°F/19°C is ideal.

3. Stay hydrated throughout the day, but limit drinking 1-2 hours before bed as it can interrupt your sleep cycle.

4. Minimize alcohol, caffeine, and nicotine especially in the evening.

5. Exercise regularly in the day time.

6. Limit the use of electronics 1 hour before bed. Not only will it keep your mind stimulated, but the blue light will interfere with your natural melatonin production.

7. Consider relaxation strategies to help you wind down.

8. Aim to sleep at the same time each day, setting a good sleep/wake routine.

9. Finally, take Sleep Upgrade 30 minutes before bed every night. And you’ve got a recipe for deep restful sleep.

Sleeping is the easiest, most effortless way to improve our lives. We don’t have to think about anything. We don’t even have to prepare anything…well, a comfortable bed and clean sheets are a plus, so definitely get on that!

By literally laying down and shutting our eyes, our cells are recharged, allowing us to perform our daily tasks; our skin is rejuvenated, making sure we look fresh and well-rested when we face the world; there’s a myriad of benefits, really, but the most important one happens in our bodies’ control center—the brain.

Sleep allows our brain to rest from all the different operations it had to endure the entire day. You see, the brain sends signals to all our body parts—muscles, bones, cells…the works! We wouldn’t wanna leave our car engines on overnight, right? It’s the same for our brains. Even the most powerful tools have a breaking point.

One last tip: Start your deep sleep routine today!

Having a healthy sleep pattern is far more important than it seems. It makes a significant difference not only in your quality of work but in your quality of life.

Manage your time wisely, take Sleep Upgrade on the daily, and get the deep sleep you duly deserve!


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